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Great Witley CE Primary School home

Great Witley CE Primary School

Your journey into Pine classroom

Below are pictures of your journey to Pine Class, from the front gates to Pine Class itself. 
The Great Witley front gate! You will wait here with your grown ups and the other children before school starts.
When the bell rings at 8.45am the gate will be opened by a member of staff. They are there to welcome you into school with a smile!
The path takes you to our classroom door. You will walk past our outdoor area and up to the steps that take you to the classroom. 
This is the door to the Pine Class cloakroom. You walk up these steps, or the ramp if you prefer, and through the door into the cloakroom. 
This is where you hang up your belongings. Your coats, PE kits and Forest School kit. Your peg will have your face and name on a little sticker above it, so that you know which is yours. 
This is the other side of the cloakroom and shows you the door into the classroom and the toilets. Before you go into the classroom you will place your bookbag in the "bookbag box" instead of on your peg. 
These are our Pine Class toilets. We are very lucky because we only share the toilets with Year 1. You can use the toilets whenever you want during the day. As long as you let an adult know where you are going, or if we are sat on the carpet you put your hand up to ask.
This is our reading corner. There are plenty of books to read and comfy beanbags to sit on while you read. 
This is our Maths area in Pine Class. It is updated with all of the fun Maths we are learning about. 
This is the front of the classroom and our bug rug. During carpet time the children are all assigned a bug to sit on. We change the bugs around every so often to give the children a chance to chat to and get to know other children in the classroom that they may not play with during the day. 
This is Pine Class' outdoor area. Children in Pine Class are able to play in the outside area all year around as it has a cover so even if it is raining or snowing they can be outside if they want to. They are only allowed outside when there is an adult out there to supervise. 
This Pine Class' very own playground. During lunchtimes Pine Class children play on this playground where they have access to the Wendy house and the push and pedal bikes. There is a rota of older children who come down to play with the children every lunchtime, it is great to see the children making friends with children in the older years too!  During the summer when the weather is nice, the children will start to play on the field with the rest of the school.

A tour of Reception

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Inside and outside area of Pine Class