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Great Witley CE Primary School home

Great Witley CE Primary School

Opening Times

Organisation of the School Day


School gates open at 8:30am, with all pupils to be ready in class for 8:40am, our day ends at 3:10pm.  The school day is 32.5hours. There is a fifteen minute morning break, and an hour break for lunch.  Children in Pine, Willow and Oak classes may also have a ten minute break in the middle of the afternoon.


The children are divided into five houses: 

  • Avon
  • Severn
  • Stour
  • Teme
  • Wye 

Children work in houses on certain days during the year when the whole school pursue a particular theme, and on Sports Day.



Under an EC scheme milk can be purchased by children across the school.  It is served free of charge to children under the age of 5.  Milk is served during morning break time.

Healthy Eating


The school takes part in the National School Fruit Scheme and is keen to encourage healthy eating.  As part of the scheme children in Pine and Oak classes receive a free piece of fruit every day.  Children in Years 3 to 6 are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit to eat during playtime.

Children are allowed to bring bottled water to school to drink as and when they feel thirsty.




The school serves hot meals at lunchtimes.  They are cooked at St. Bartholomew’s Primary School in Stourport and transported to Great Witley.

Children may bring a packed lunch or return home for lunch.  Please encourage your child to eat healthily.  No sweets please! Our aim is to maintain a high standard of table manners and acceptable behaviour at lunch time.  Unacceptable behaviour will be reported to parents and, if necessary, a child may be excluded at lunchtime if their poor behaviour persists.  Please send drinks in an unbreakable container (no glass bottles, please), and provide a spoon for yoghurt and a straw or plastic cup for your child’s drink.  Fizzy drinks are not acceptable.

The children are supervised at all times by staff.


After-School Arrangements


It is the school policy for children to be met by their parents at the appropriate side of school according to their class. Pupils are collected from outside of the classroom except for pupils in Apple and Sycamore who are collected from the small wooden gate. We do not allow pupils to walk unattended from the school grounds into the carpark.

It is important that the school is notified, by letter or telephone, if there is any change in after- school arrangements.  We are unable to accept verbal instructions from a child. 

Please telephone or send a written message if your child needs to leave school to attend the doctor or dentist.  Children must be collected from school and cannot be sent home.


The Car Park


Parents collecting children from school by car should park in the Parish Hall Car Park, adjacent to the school drive. This is an extremely dangerous area and parents are reminded that children are no longer under the school's supervision once they are dismissed at the end of the day.  Please ensure that you collect your children from the school staff - do not allow them to walk across the car park on their own.  'Bus' children are escorted to the steps of the bus every day by members of the teaching staff.

NB Children brought to school by parents should not arrive at school before 8:30 am each day. We cannot accept responsibility for supervising children who arrive before this time.