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Here at Great Witley Primary School we have based our approach to writing on ‘The Write Stuff’ by Jane Considine. This is used from Reception through to Year 6 and allows children to apply basic skills, vocabulary, and grammar knowledge to write effective sentences. 

As part of the teaching sequence, teachers plan using a range of ‘sentence stacking’ lessons, experience days and independent writing sequences.

Sentence stacking lessons are divided into 3 learning chunks. Each learning chunk has three sections and focuses on lenses from the Writing Rainbow.

Initiate: This is the stimulus for the learning chunk and provides the children with the opportunity to explore and gather vocabulary in preparation for composing their sentences.

Model: The teacher closely models a sentence which outlines clear writing features and techniques.

Enable: The children write their sentences following the teacher’s model.

During the 'enable' part of the learning chunk children are challenged to ‘Deepen the Moment’ and enrich their writing using one or more of the lenses from the Writing Rainbow.


Experience days immerse children in experiences linked to their writing and drench them in vocabulary linked to the lenses in ‘The Writing Rainbow’.




FANTASTICs – nine idea lenses through which children can craft their writing.

GRAMMARISTICs – The tools of writing are the grammar rules of our language system.

BOOMTASTICs – The techniques of writing are bought to life by the ‘magic ingredients’ children need to develop their own unique writing voices.


All Year groups have a yearly overview, which include both fiction and non-fiction texts for Writing. These texts have been carefully selected to ensure children have a wide range of text types throughout their school journey, which enables them to build on prior learning within their year group and year upon year.